Solution to simulate the economic risks of the company


In today’s world, no company is immune to external economic risks. The macroeconomic situation is very unstable and often seems unpredictable. In this regard, there is an urgent need for effective management, monitoring of economic risks and proper planning. And this is possible only with the qualitative analysis and taking into account the influence of the maximum number of different factors on the subjects of study.

A well-known company engaged in economic planning and forecasting has asked us to develop easy-to-use product for the economic modeling on the basis of the chosen model and market data.

The developed system is able to provide an objective assessment of the various economic risks by simulation. This project is a great solution for the identification, assessment, monitoring and management of economic risks, planning and modeling. With the help of the developed application it is possible to carry out a study and analysis of the behavior of any loaded model for millions of different variations and determine the right strategy for your company.