Models of cooperation

Working with us

SENLA easily adapts to the needs of a Customer and offers a warranty.

If errors are found after the implementation of solution, SENLA will eliminate them for free.


Model of "ready-to-use" project with a fixed budget and terms. This model is perfect for Clients whose product requirements document is developed and has a fairly clear statement, it gives the opportunity to estimate the necessary effort and time for the project in detail. As a result of the work, the Customer gets a solution that has passed quality control. The software created at a fixed-price model has a warranty period of service, which is discussed in each specific case.


Scheme of interaction in which the Customer has an idea of ​​the desired final solution, but the details of implementation are at the level of concept. Setting of tasks is carried out by the Client's management or agreed between our management and the Customer. Then tasks are distributed between SENLA specialists, they set a tentative date and begin to work. SENLA team can be integrated into the Customer’s team. Payment for the work is billed on a monthly basis.

Both models suppose flexible interaction with the Customer based on a proven modern methodologies of project management, pre-negotiated with the Client's management.
The Customer receives progress reports at the end of each agreed stage of the project.
SENLA works with various project management systems, for example, Jira. The project can be carried out in the internal system of the Customer.

SENLA respects the client’s need for privacy, that is why our specialists can work on behalf of the Client, and developed solutions can not be included in the portfolio of our company.